Mentors for the REU program are members of the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at KU. They are, with their REU theme and research interests:

Dr. Helen Alexander

Dr. Helen Alexander Ecology
Plant population biology, host-microbe interactions, conservation biology

Dr. Paulyn Cartwright

Paulyn CartwrightEvolution, Systematics
Evo-devo, cnidarians class Hydrozoa, gene expression, morphology, and phylogenetic patterns

Dr. Daniel D. Crawford

Daniel CrawfordEvolution
Plant evolution, oceanic islands, reproductive biology.

Dr. Bryan Foster

Bryan FosterKBS

Plant community ecology, grassland biodiversity, ecosystem dynamic, disturbance ecology, restorationecology.

Dr. Jennifer Gleason

Jennifer GleasonREU Program Director

Evolutionary behavioral genetics, courtship behavior, Drosophila, molecular evolution.

Dr. Rich Glor

Rich GlorBI
Evolution, Systematics

herpetology, evolution of biological diversity, speciation, phylogenetics

Dr. Lena Hileman

Lena HilemanEvolution
Floral evolution, evolution of developmental genetic programs, molecular evolution, epigenetics.

Dr. Mark Mort

Mark MortBI and REU Program Associate Director
Systematics, Ecology, Evolution

Angiosperm systematics, Crassulaceae (stonecrops), morphological and physiological evolution of flowering plants; diversification of island plant taxa.

Dr. Maria Orive

Maria OriveEvolution, Modeling
Evolutionary theory, population genetics, symbiosis, population structure.

Dr. Ben Sikes

Ben SikesKBS

microbial ecology, plant-soil feedbacks, restoration, community ecology

Dr. Jamie Walters

Jamie WaltersEvolution
Sexual Selection, Lepidoptera, Butterflies, Gene Expression, Bioinformatics, Molecular Evolution, Sex Chromosomes, Sperm Competition